Home Delivery

To further facilitate your access to your needs, we offer to deliver to meet your requirements straight to where you live within Sri Lankan Borders. We have so far even reached our valued customers in Jaffna. We assure you that we are willing to undertake delivery to any part of Sri Lanka provided that the following conditions are met.

Terms and Conditions

  • 100% full Payment is required.
  • Payment to be made directly into our bank account for which details will be provided on request.
  • Visa / Master Credit & Debit Cards Payments also accepted. [Please Call and check the Availability of the Products before place the order. (0717 811 611 / 076 928 9340)]
  • Delivery is outsourced to a dedicated courier.
  • Offers Vaild for Systems Only
  • Make a phone call and get details about new Prices and Stock depending on the current situation.                               (0717 811 611 / 076 928 9340 / 011 2 935 862)
  • Due to the shortage of oil in the country in these days, it may be take between 2 to 5 days to send goods through Courier Service.
  • Goods sold ones not returnable. No Cash refund or return for Credit/Debit Card Transactions.


   Custom Orders

In case your requirements supersedes what the local market has to offer, we will provide you with assistance to meet these requirements. We will step up to cross horizons to locate and satisfy these requirements. Provided that the following conditions are met.

Terms and Conditions

  • 50% minimum down payment to proceed with a Personalized Orders
  • Any payment made to receive Personalized Orders is non-refundable.
  • All ON ORDER Items & LAPTOPs are PRE ORDER Basis Only. (ETA – 2 to 3 Days)


   Warranty Assured

In case of faulty products, we have an upstanding warranty and claim procedures to make sure that your requirements are met in minimum time loss as possible. Most of our suppliers are based locally, so we assure you that we can arrange the best possible warranty claim service, provided that the following conditions are met.

Terms and Conditions

  • Warranty is only applicable to the extent of the supplier’s warranty & terms and conditions. Warranty applies only when items are used specifically for their intended purpose, to be determined by the manufacture.
  • Warranty on this sale is from the manufacturer or its agents only.
  • Warranty is only applicable to the extent of the period mentioned against each product in the invoice.
  • (1Y – 350 Days | 2Y – 700 Days | 3Y – 1050 Days | 5Y – 1750Days | LT – Limited Life Time Warranty | 6M – 175Days | 3M – 85Days | N/W – No Warranty)
  • During Claims, the packaging with serial numbers must be intact.
  • Warranty is only applicable to manufacturing defects.
  • Any physical damage will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Warranty is only applicable to the extent of the proof of purchase produced. If no such proof exist, warranty cannot be claimed.
  • Suppliers reserve the right to replace/refund/repair or replace with a different model.
  • The “dead pixel policy” warranty covers for Monitor, Laptops, LCD or LED Panel for over three.
  • No replacement warranty for laptop. Only repair Warranty.
  • Carry in service-you are advised to bring and carry in your defective system for support to our show room.
  • SL TECHIE will not be responsible for any of data as a result of any defect/repair/virus infection/replacement work done. It is strongly recommended to backup your data.
  • When a warranty, service warranty item is bought for repair only the problem mentioned will be checked and repaired, any problems unmentioned will not be considered.